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Tickets booking


Bicycle rental shop

We offer many trekking bikes (mainly) for our guests to rent. There's nine bikes available. The bikes undergo repairs and all the other necessary services regularly to be in the best shape for your enjoyment. If you decide to rent one, you'll get a nice, clean, lockable bike. We can adjust it for you according to your body type. We also offer two eletro-bikes for rent. They can go up to 45 kilometers once fully charged.

We can also help you with planning the most suitable cycling route for you, taking your requests into account. Naturally there's also many cycling maps for sale at our place, so you wouldn't get lost in the countryside of Jindřichův Hradec. We can also come to pick you up with your bikes and luggage at the end of your trip.

Trekking bike 200 CZK / day
Electro-bike 400 CZK / day
Cycling maps 85 CZK



We're equipped with the basic repair materials for the common problems - that's if something goes wrong with your bicycle. A compressor to inflate your bikes is freely available. We can even help you with solving the more troubling problems by arranging something with our expers bike repair shops.


Accomodation of your bikes

We can safely deposit your bikes, baby carriages, fishing equipment etc. There's four lockable boxes with bike hooks in our yard, so you don't have to worry about your things all the time.


Cycling jerseys washing

We can wash your jerseys (and other things) for a small fee. Just let us know.


Ambulance car (first aid for your bikes)

If you end up out of energy or with a damaged bike, we'll provide a quick transport of you and your bike back to our pension. We can even fix your bike on the spot so you can continue with your trip.


Tickets booking

Would you like to go for a concert, a theatrical play or maybe to some movies? And you don't know how or where to buy the tickets? Just say the word and we'll book them for you.