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Gothic cellar


Our Gothic cellar from the 16th century was remodelled in 2003, as was the whole building.


Wine shop

We offer a wide array of of moravian (mainly attributive) wines from the VINOFOL Novosedly winery. We bet you'll enjoy a nice glass of wine after a beautiful day - you can have a drink in our café, in your room or you can even visit our terrace. The wine goes in hand with our salty snacks. Our heated wine cellar (with 25 people capacity) is convenient for your company parties, birthdays and other events. We offer a full catering service to go with your event - warm or cold buffets, open sandwiches, ham, or maybe even a sommelier or some music just for you. We already organised some similar events - see the references for yourselves.


Training courses, graduation or company parties

Our pension is suitable for those who requite a calm, quiet space for a private company. Our cellar and/or our yard is convenient for your training courses, graduation or company parties. Our dining hall can be used for seating as many as 10 people.